TOP 6 Industries that Should Use Explainer Videos in 2019

You heard a lot about explainer videos…They increase website conversion rate, help you visualize and promote your brand, stand out from competition and consequently increase your sales.

Obviously, you have a question..: “will an explainer video be a good fit for my business?”

Absolutely. There are different types of videos (graphic animation, 2D cartoon animation, infographics, whiteboard animation, live-action videos, and others) and some of them would work better than others in your industry.

P.S. To find out what type of video will be the most effective for your business, you can schedule a quick call with our explainer video agency.

In this article, I would like to help you decide if an explainer video is right for you by showing those industries that are already using explainer videos and getting nice results.

1. Computer Software & Internet Industries

It’s not a secret that tech industry is quite complicated. Mobile app owners, computer software companies, internet startups need a 90-second explainer video to help customers understand the problem that their platforms or apps solve, briefly show the way their products work and display main benefits for users or clients.

Having an explainer video in tech industry is extremely important and, probably, even crucial for both business development and the entire success of a company.

2. Medical and Health Care Industry

Explainer videos are quite popular among companies that offer medical and healthcare services. They are used to skyrocket their brand awareness and improve communication with existing and potential clients.

The majority of businesses that work in the healthcare industry have extremely outdated websites that contain nothing, but huge blocks of text. Modern medical companies that care about their brand development always have engaging explainer videos on the main homepage that might speak about the services the company offers or explain recent procedures and FAQs to patients.

Here is an example of the video designed for a modern medical service:

3. Finance

What if I tell you that the lion’s share of US citizens believe that the financial industry is the most boring industry nowadays? It might be true, however, you can always show a bit of creativity and start converting your prospects into customers with just a single explainer video. Sounds awesome, right?

If you are having a financial company or provide fintech services, your goal is to make sure your target audience clearly understands the value you offer and see some credibility of your company. And a single explainer video placed on the main homepage can help you get all of this.

4. Manufacturing

If you are in manufacturing, you should remember the following thing: your customers should see the way your company works. Since you are transforming some raw materials into finished goods, the entire process is undoubtedly complicated and should be displayed either with a help of graphics or live-action videos recorded by professionals.

Live-action videos cost a lot and the equipment you use should be modern enough to show it to your potential clients or partners. The majority of manufacturing companies that come to us for an explainer video orders whiteboard animation and that’s not without a reason. Simply have a look at a sample below:

5. Nonprofits

Explainer videos can be extremely valuable for nonprofit organizations. If you work in this industry, you probably do some great things for people, animals, the environment or other industries. And you obviously have a big audience that listens carefully to every single word you say.

Using expainer videos can draw a significant amount of attention to the problem your nonprofit organization is trying to solve. Due to the nature of video content, a high-quality explainer video will be supported and shared by your audience and bring you the results you are looking for.

6. Blockchain & ICO Industry


The blockchain industry is relatively new, however, it’s development pace is impressive. ICOs, digital currency exchange services, blockchain companies appear every single day and each of these companies needs an explainer video. ICOs require an explainer video to raise money through their token sale and eventually get funded, blockchain companies and services are super complicated for most people, therefore they use videos to explain what they do in a simple yet effective way.

Custom-made explainer videos work regardless of industry and company size. If you want to build a brand, stand out from competitors, increase your sales and make your business successful, you need to design an explainer video for your company. Just be creative and get started!

And if you have no video production skills, you can always hire a professional explainer video company that will craft a video capable to win the hearts and minds of your customers.