How to Promote Your Business on Social Media


It’s not a secret that social media has already become a powerful tool for business promotion. Young entrepreneurs, small businesses, and big companies have already realized the benefits of social media marketing and confidently state that it’s a great way to reach out and grab the attention of your audience.

Obviously, there’s a large increase in social media accounts every year and according to Webbiquity, the numbers of total users is going to reach 2.5 billion by the year 2019! That’s a lot of people scrolling through dashboards and newsfeeds – so many that it’s no surprise businesses are already attempting to conquer this marketing avenue.

Social media for business is an integral part of any marketing plan for a smart business with an online presence. However, some business owners are still confused on how social media helps business to grow and rise (and 90% of them have not even heard about animated videos for businesses). Here are, in no particular order, the top seven ways to promote your business on the world wide web.

Post on Social Media

Managing a social media page for your business isn’t the same as running your own personal page. One of the most important steps in your strategy is knowing where your audience is. Different types of people use different platforms so it’s essential to plan beforehand. Research your demographic and pinpoint where (and even when) they are online. Next, it’s time to build your brand. Set up a page or account and start posting.

People will ignore pages that simply sound like a salesman, it’s important that you build trust with your customers. A good rule of thumb is only advertising your product once in every seven posts. Your posts should be relatable to your audience and make them read your business’s page like they would a peer’s.

Interact with Your Target Audience!

social media strategy plan target audience

Having an active and entertaining Twitter or Instagram account does nothing if you’re shouting to an empty room. This is where spheres of influence are important. In order to be seen, you have to interact with the community. For example, on Twitter, your business’s profile should follow and interact with key figureheads of your target demographic. If you’re trying to reach out to millennial gamers, tag and retweet popular gamers or streamers.

Use Video to Stand Out

Utilizing video is a powerful way for businesses to get their audience’s attention. It’s particularly effective on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Video has conversion rates that are through the roof. Consumers love to be able to put a face or a style to a brand.

Publishing video content on social media allows you to get more content into one post, create consumer-producer trust, and effectively sell and explain your product or service in an entertaining way. Quality of video is important, so well-produced videos in styles that are current, for example, explainer videos and other animated forms can really help you get ahead.

Remarket to Your Audience

importance of social media in business remarketingThis method is simple and crazy effective yet not enough people take advantage of it when figuring out social media strategy plan. Have you ever been online shopping and the next thing you know, you’re finding advertisements for the same product everywhere? Well, it’s not a coincidence. When someone interacts with your business or product online, they are tagged with a special code. Your business can then use that code to remarket to customers and remind them that your product is still there.

It’s just like normal advertising except you know for a fact that the person is in the market for the exact product you sell. This doesn’t cost a premium by the way. It’s available for start-ups too!

Do Not Forget About Classic Advertisements

Advertising in the classic sense on the sidebar of social media websites isn’t nearly as bleak as it seems. Let’s take Facebook’s advertising platform (called Facebook Business Manager or FMB). Don’t forget that Facebook includes Instagram as both platforms have been owned by Facebook since 2012. FMB is better than traditional advertisements because it’s able to actively target the specific audience that you choose. Whether you’re targeting a specific age group, relationship status, or pinpointing interests, sites like Facebook and Instagram are able to show your ads to the exact people you desire. With eye-catching colors and striking headlines, you’re sure to reel in paying customers.

Use Promoted Posts

Promoted posts, sometimes called Boost Posts, are an easy way to get your brand noticed. Any post you make on most social networks can be promoted simply by paying a token amount of money. The post then zooms to the top of people’s threads and your brand is front and center.

Encourage Check-Ins and Host Contests

Social media marketing is all about interacting with the consumer on their level. Hosting contests or giveaways is a great way to interact with the consumer and make sure they have fun. Additionally, offering rewards or encouraging related check-ins allow people to interact with your brand in a way that will spread your name to their friends and family.

The advice covered here should be more than enough to get you started. Just remember that the importance of social media in business is enormous, thus be active and consistent. As social media becomes a larger part of people’s lives, it will be harder for businesses to convert with their promoted posts. The most successful brands right now not only have unique and snappy voices, but they also take risks with their marketing budgets. While risk-taking is often the right choice, you should back this up with sensible investments like well-produced animated videos – so when you get eyes on your page your business looks trustworthy and professional.