how to make your app popular

Top 5 Ways to Increase Downloads for Your App


What if we told you that you could reach the 1 million downloads mark in a month?

Wait, you say your app has already gained a few billion? Sorry, Mr. Zuckerberg, this information isn’t meant for you.

People who do need the following tips are the ones that want to know how to increase app downloads in the most efficient way.

Given that your app is user-friendly and great by itself, these are five additional ways to make the download count bigger.

Learn How to Market Apps with Social Media

Social media (Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.) is a great way to expand the software recognition. App promoters use it as a powerful tool to engage the crowd on a regular basis. It could easily lead to a progressive increase in downloads.

You would also need to know the people who use your app. This includes:

– Their social status, age, gender

– Their typical habits and interests

– Their paying capacity

Such data provides you with advanced opportunities. It becomes clear which SMM tools you need to use. You can choose the most appropriate way to present your software as well. The elderly people could disapprove some slang terms, while the teenagers would appreciate some references to contemporary youth culture. This knowledge enables you to adjust the idea to your target audience.

Launch a Use-for-Free Campaign

How to market apps

This is a simple yet elegant step, which helps to understand how to make your app popular. Some entrepreneurs claim such campaign makes it possible to gain hundreds of thousands of new users with the application downloaded to their phones.

Let’s assume you have a paid app. The thing is that you allow users to get it at no charge for a certain period. It could be one, two or three days. There is no need to make it longer, except you have your own reasons.

In case your application is free of charge already, you can use this idea with in-app purchases. Take into account that such purchase needs to be non-consumable so that the whole action would be reasonable. The product should not be limited in use or get expired. For example, new weapon skins for a shooter game could be utilized in this way.

Of course, exposure in media plays a crucial role in making the campaign successful. Prepare a press release about the upcoming offer and don’t be afraid of contacting the big websites. Send it to a dozen of media outlets and it could be repaid a hundredfold.

Entice User Attention With a Cool Icon

What is the first thing a user notices in the app store? Right, the small picture next to the title of software. It is known that an average person pays more attention to a picture rather than text.

What does it mean within the scope of app promotion? Well, the eye-catching icon often makes users want to download «that app with a cool picture». Its design is more than important to the overall success.

The ideal application icon should combine a few features:

– The envelope in a music player app icon will bring only confusion. Pick the best thing that represents the idea of your software and makes it unique.

– The shape needs to be bold and original. Simple pictures have fewer chances to blend with the mass.

– The absence of text. Nobody wants to use a microscope with a smartphone.

These simple tips should help you attract the attention of potential users. However, if you still doubt on how to get people to download your app, I would suggest you have a look at the next two points.

Work on the Description

It is important to provide users with a comprehensive description of your application. Describe the features, prepare the distinct FAQ section and give some instructions.

Don’t forget to localize it. These languages work just well:







Nicely translated descriptions would bring more users to your application. Just make sure that you hire a professional.

Be Sure to Add a Video

how to increase app downloads

There is hardly a thing that captures the attention of a potential user more than catchy visuals do. This is like a modern axiom among the people who know a thing or two on how to increase downloads of your app with efficiency.

Therefore, the quality video is a must-have for successful app promotion. That being said, it doesn’t mean you can use makeshift tools to make an awesome vid that would bring potential users to hit that «download button» immediately. It doesn’t work that way, so you can forget about Windows Movie Maker and questionable online services.

Truly great content needs a lot of time, effort and skill. Ask some professional explainer video company to make you a cool clip and provide them with comprehensive instructions. That could be of tremendous benefit to your campaign. Consider it as a good investment in the promotion of your application.

You can apply other tools in order to increase downloads, while specialists are working on a perfect video for your software. Here is a good explanation of how the video can help you boost your marketing efforts:

Want a pure and simple solution? We encourage you to schedule a free call at our site, so we could go into details on how to create a video that will increase app downloads ASAP.