Top 10 Ways to Improve Conversion Rate of Your Website


Well, you have created the website, started using ads and getting your first traffic, but your visitors do not even think to stop and make a purchase. They simply leave… Sounds familiar, right? Then you have to read this checklist of 10 effective tips on how to improve your website to get more sales.

Website conversion optimization is now the top priority for websites, ahead of brand building, social media, and mobile optimization. Improving conversion rates, whether leads, sales or clicks to a landing page, requires analyzing, knowledge, testing, and optimization. These 10 simple ways can help drive conversions online.

Rethink your website layout

When users see your site you want them to immediately understand the layout of your website. Don’t show them a lot of flashy graphics and calls-to-action. Your visitors should be able to easily find the navigation menu and go to any page with just a few clicks. You only have 5 seconds (sometimes even less) to impress a user enough to keep them interested in your site. If not, they will close your page and find a site that offers a better experience. If your site is boring, slow, useless and simply not resourceful, your visitors will leave. Even worse, they will never come back. Make sure you’re using every opportunity to create a clean, professional website that makes a good impression of your business.

Have clear calls-to-action

improve conversion rateIf your main goal is to collect users’ data in the form of a lead then you should ensure your submission form can be easily found without spending too much time figuring out what the form is about. Many websites add flashy pop-ups, arrows, and re-directs when trying to catch a lead. Most people think that users never react positively to those, and just close them. However, professional e-mail marketers state that even though the pop-ups might seem a little bit annoying, they still work and bring tons of value to website owners.

Do not forget about “call-to-action buttons”, which lead website visitors to some specific page of your site to let them schedule a call with your businesses representative or place an order.

To make the long story short, try out using pop-up forms and call-to-action buttons on your website and if you do everything right – your conversion rate will be significantly increased.

Create a quick conversion process

You should make the conversion process as simple as possible. If your goal is to make a sale, create a streamlined and clear checkout process. If your goal is to collect information then ask for as little data as possible. A website user will more likely type their name and email as opposed to long surveys with dozens of additional fields.

Add your contact information

ways to improve your websiteThere is nothing more annoying, besides all the flashy ads and PDF restaurant menus than websites that require a team of detectives to find their contact information. Some people just want to call you or visit your office as opposed to filling out multiple forms or sending their credit card information. Make sure people can easily contact you. Besides, if you properly display your business contact information it can be beneficial for local search marketing purposes.

Have a clear privacy policy and terms of service

If you own an e-commerce website you want to make sure you have a clear term of service page that answers common customer questions, such as exchange and return policies. It’s also good for any site that collects data about users to have a privacy policy page that customers can easily find and read about information that was submitted to you. People always want to be sure that their private information is secure and will not be transferred or sold without their permission.

Add value to your website

What is the difference between your website and many others? If you own an e-commerce website, provide customers with additional benefits such as free shipping. If your goal is to convert a user into a lead, give them more motivation to fill out your form.

Keep in touch with your clients

improve website conversion

If a consumer makes the first purchase, there is a chance that he or she will make a second one as well. And you can easily market to a targeted prospect. Send your clients coupons, specials, and exclusive offers. This will motivate them to come back and make another purchase.

Give more than your competitors

Many websites take a lead and bombard it with calls-to-action trying to convert it into a sale as quickly as possible. Provide free value for users prior to pitching them. Provide them with additional data and expertise before convincing them to buy the product. When it comes time to go for a sale, customers will be more willing to listen and respond to your calls-to-action.

Get more social

Make sure you have a profile on all relevant social media platforms. Customers love social media and prefer to interact with brands and share their opinion online. Making it easy for users to follow your profiles helps you interacts with consumers and increases the chance of turning them into conversions. But, do not forget to use videos on your social media channels. We live in the era of video marketing and videos have already become an effective tool for business promotion. Get a 60-90 second animated expainer video, place it on the main webpage of your site, share on social media channels like YouTube, LinkedIn or Facebook and watch the benefits.

Improve customer service

Respond to website inquiries and emails promptly. Have a 24/7 live chat and phone support. When a potential “conversion” faces a problem, you have a better chance of converting it if that problem is quickly solved while the person is on your website.

The above-mentioned points are an effective checklist not only for a start-up company but for the developing business as well. Follow the rules of a conversion rate optimization and you will rock your clients!