how to build a brand

How to Build a Powerful Brand in 2018-2019?


Brand building has truly become the high art.

There is good news though. Unlike oil painting or pipe organ mastery, such artistry is much easier to obtain. You are more than capable of building your brand in the most efficient and productive way.

The following tips will help you learn how to make a brand really powerful and lively.

Get into the Head of Your Audience

You may have heard of the so-called audience’s «pain» and why it is important to show them «hope». Here is the even bigger picture: you attract the attention when you hit a nerve.

It usually relates to:

– Aspirations

– Pain

– Desires

Aspects of sex, career, lifestyle, and well-being are capable of fueling your selling engine just excellently. The challenge is to get the real knowledge of your audience. What does motivate them? What does drive them crazy? These and dozens of other questions will help you understand your customers better.

Let Them Hear a Captivating Story

You would hardly find anything more engaging and impressive than storytelling.

Even our hairy ancestors gathered around the bonfire at night to tell each other tales and stories, boasting of their accomplishments. Of course, it is doubtful whether they discussed brand promotion and some resourceful techniques. The point is that the love for a good story still runs through the veins of a 21-century individual.

The only problem is that we do face the informational excessiveness that makes us less perceptive towards something new. Modern people tend to ignore the colossal waves of data, picking out the most notable and outstanding pieces.

Therefore, the goal is to surround your brand with as many pieces of that kind as possible. Here are some essential ways to attract the attention of potential customers with your story:

– Include some catchy image or nice anecdote in the beginning.

– Do not forget about the traditional narrative structure. A good plot also needs middle and ending parts. It works perfectly with challenge and resolution, too.

– Personalize it. A central character often fascinates people while establishing the rapport.

– Make it emotional. Add more feelings and drive to it ― just do not go too far (animated explainer videos work great here)

– Elaborate on a connection between the mission of your company and the narrative.

Make It Different

It is surely a great shortcut at the very beginning. Challenge the way everyone thinks about conventional things. The question some traditional approach in your sphere. This will shake people up a little, making them reconsider and reappraise what seemed usual.

A good example of a provocative advertising campaign is Nike’s case. What is the brand strategy this world-famous corporation use? They usually engage superstar athletes, but show them as ordinary people who are simply trying to do their best in the sport. Regarding their mission, Nike states that the company is trying to «bring inspiration to every athlete in the world». It would even be cheesy if it were not for a specification: «if you have a body, you are an athlete».

Use the following tips to make this approach work:

– Observe the balance between positive and negative aspects.

– Always support the claim you have made.

– Concentrate on greater things. Try to avoid confusing petty stuff with a civic duty.

– Go for provocation if you are sure it is worth your while.

Stand Your Ground

It is quite natural that businesses try to avoid expressing their opinions on public issues. Nevertheless, you can turn that into a powerful weapon in the right place and time. If you do not beat around the bush, you separate yourself from the blabbing crowd.

Are there any environmental or social issues? Take a stand. It can easily attract media attention and brand advocates.

Speaking about the environmental issues, there is a good example to illustrate the possible combination of this approach with the previous one. Just google some information about Patagonia’s «Don’t Buy This Jacket» advertising campaign. Remember about the uselessness of going to extremes. Neither being arrested for some edgy protest nor «we adore puppies» statement will do any good for your brand. The voice of business often proves to be extremely significant and influential. Not only it could promote your brand, but also give rise to positive changes.

We hope these simple yet useful tips will help you a lot in the process of learning on how to build a brand. Put them into practice when needed, modify them, and make your own experiments. This is your way of becoming the real guru of brand promotion!