Refer Customers
and Get 10% Out of Each Order They Place!

We are excited to announce that Promo Video Lab has launched its own referral program. The process is as simple as this: for every referral lead you submit that turns into a customer, you earn a 10% commission that goes directly to your PayPal account. The payment is released at the beginning of each month.
No complicated terms! No commitment fees! Just an easy and transparent way to increase your income!

  • Refer a lead

    Refer a lead

    Send us an email with a name, email or a phone number of someone who you believe would be interested in an explainer video or promotional video, along with your payment information.

  • Let us contact the lead

    Let us contact the lead

    Upon receiving your referrals, we will send them a pleasant note explaining why we are contacting them, giving you all the credit.

  • Get your 10%

    Get your 10%

    If and when they respond, one of our account executives will reach out for a friendly chat If they are interested on ordering a video, we will pass along 10% of the cost of the order, once they convert into a customer! Otherwise, no hard feelings – we are always happy meeting new people

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