Co-Founder, Managing Director

I am in charge of organizing operations inside and outside the company.

Having worked in a Customer Service company for a long time, I received vast experience and knowledge, which helps me to make even the most demanding customers feel absolutely satisfied with our service.

I enjoy Mixed Martial Arts, extreme activities and have a dream of setting up a chain of bars all over Europe


Co-Founder, VP of Marketing

I started PromoVideoLab in the beginning of 2015. Prior to initiating PromoVideoLab, I gained experience in business through working at various companies, two large corporate banks in the U.S. as well as working at startups in Europe.

My job is to create an efficient marketing strategy that will establish growth of the entire company.

Like to travel, eat delicious food, and build motorcycles in my free time.


Animation Director

Words make images, images make animation. So, my job is just as simple as that: turn a script into an engaging visual story!


Head of Creative Writing

It’s not a secret that script is one of the most essential parts of a successful explainer video. My job is to manage the work of our scriptwriters and provide the customers with the terrific scripts.


Sound Expert

Voiceovers and background music are just as crucial as script and animation. My job is to find the right sound and voice behind the picture.